Week 2- Reflection

I really learned a lot about Open Learning as an emerging technology in education, especially in regards to K-12.  I received both my bachelors and now I am working on my Masters online through the open learning experience.  Even in the last five years technology has come a really long way in it’s delivery and efficiency of open learning at the collegiate level. Gosh, in one of my very first distant education classes I had to watch video, listen to audio recording and participate in call in classes. Even Blackboard continues to emerge and become more user friendly and student controlled.  I  fully embrace the Open Learning platform.  I now just have a nice fancy name to attach to it!  However, when it comes to young learners I believe that teachers need to act as facilitators.  I’m not quite ready to let my kindergartners take off and create their own open learning experiences with their peers just yet.  I do see a ton of value in the teacher as facilitator.  I would be finding the content to share with my class and giving them access to this information in a more controlled setting.


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