Week 3 Reflection

I have so enjoyed reading everyones posts this week about emerging pedagogy and teachers preference.  Isn’t it interesting that we all have different opinions on what we feel would be most beneficial for our students.  After reading more about Genius Hour and gaining ideas from other teachers here in our class I think that this pedagogy would actually work better in my classroom then my first choice, flipped classrooms.

Even though I teach really young children I’m trying hard this semester to see myself as outside of the age range.  My Masters will eventually be a k-12 span of grades so it should be on my radar to not just think about my room which is a very small world.  So this summer is all about learning to see myself as an educator in a broader sense of the word. This mindset is already starting to show me so many more opportunities for my own education, it’s growing me!

I appreciated Genevieve’s post on the topic of GH.  She quoted Nichole Carter (August 4, 2014) who say’s:

“You don’t need to create the desire as a teacher. Instead, our job is to help students connect their existing desires to this project as a new purpose for learning.”

This is so, so true in that teachers should be seen as the ones who encourage and applaud student learning and HELP them find their passions.  As we begin helping our son to choose a college in two years we have read a lot of research about how colleges are really looking more intently at students who show passions in particular areas of interest and have the classwork, projects and experiences as opposed to kids with a lot of classes that don’t show much knowledge in any one particular field.  In other words they would like students with deeper understanding about topics they are passionate about.



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