Week 4 Reflection

“Creativity is not something that can be learned from a lecture. It’s something that is learned from engaging in experiences that promote creativity”. Andrew Goodman (from Daysha’s blog posting).

So I was thinking all this week, exactly how I could implement a maker space in my classroom.  Not just that but how can I make it part of my pedagogy, part of who I am as a teacher?

Logistics:  Is there a room in my school I could do this? Oh! We have a loft in our library this would be a perfect space. After school club?  Inside recess?  I like the idea of task cards to help kids with creativity, but very open ended. So many ideas. I think it’s easy to get bogged down into the “It has to incorporate fancy technology” but it’s okay to start small with low tech ideas and build from there. Okay! So I’m definitely going to pursue how I can do this in my school.

I also enjoyed the Lee Elementary video. I think this could be a great way to beging a Maker Space in my classroom and ideally in my school.  The zones in this maker space were. Deconstruction zone, Lego Zone, Strawbee’s (I’d have to research this) but I need some in my room right now! And Strawbee’s with drones. Something I could add in would be paper circuits (this is a whole new thing that my district is putting money into, there are people here who can help me with this who are a quick phone call away.

Daysha wrapped it up beautifully by saying “When students think, make, and improve design they learn how to be flexible, collaborate and learn from others, reflect and learn to critically think.”

This critical thinking and collaboration doesn’t happen if we aren’t giving our students a chance to experience it.  I’m thinking this might be something I could do for my Unit Lessons for this class…. a movie came to my wind as I watching the kids on some of the videos I watched about maker space.  It’s from the movie Meet the Robinsons. I clipped the video to start about where I was thinking. Lewis is just like all of kids, a tinkerer a creator, curious.  And don’t we want our students to Keep Moving Forward!


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