Week 5 Reflection

What an interesting week bustling about and discovering how crazy the IoT could really be.  However, just think of all the creativity going on in our world. I mean who thinks up some of this stuff? It reminded me of how Tricia was worried that she wasn’t creative enough to come up with an idea for her classroom.  Until she switched her thinking around and decided to approach as trying to solve a problem.  This problem/solution approach is exactly how creativity is born!  So someone out in the word began solving problems with interesting inventions and some even lifesaving ones.

Coming up with a device to help me solve a problem and stay connected to information for my classroom was fun.  But as teachers I feel like we are sometimes so bombarded with information I feel like we may get lost in the weeds or even not reference information simply because of a lack of time.  We are given so much information in our world, how do we synthesize all of it?

This video talks about the dangers of IoT’s and how important it will be for security to  keep up with the lightning fast information being transmitted by IoT sensors.  It also discusses the coming emergence of nanoIoT’s which are IoT’s that are inside our bodies.




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