Minecraft Reflection

Well the more I thought about MC this week the more I began to wonder how to use it in the classroom.  I know that there is plenty of research out there on how best to attach the game to standards but I wonder how much of a stretch this could be.  In order to best use the game in the classroom to drive a standard I feel like the teacher would need to have quite a bit of knowledge about the game.  Not only this but he/she would need to have clearly defined end goals for what it is the students would actually accomplish.  BUT if we reframe the implications for instruction to one of a motivation or incentive I think there is more room for acceptance.  I feel that as a motivational tool, to show knowledge and even to allow students to perform as experts Mince Craft can shine in a classroom.  This would allow just about any teacher to use the game intentionally but also give freedom for creativity.  And maybe this is what it really should be about. Allowing students to use the game in a creative outlet, as interests allowed.  For me as a teacher, right now, I don’t see actually using MC in my classroom.  But if other teachers were using it I no longer would think of it as an easy way for teachers to release their students in order to more important
“teacher” work.


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