Week 10 Reflection

I had a great time this week reading my fellow classmates blogs and finding all kinds of ideas on how to incorporate electronic crafting into my classroom.  Squishy electronics was a new one for me and one that I can really picture working well with young children. Placing the copper tape looked really difficult for little kids. BUT playing with play dough is something any young child can do.  I found I could by squishy circuit kits for about 15 dollars each! That is a great deal and something I can afford to buy for my classroom.

Another aspect of crafting with electronics was brought up by Gerald.  He talked about how many crafts can be created with recyclable electronics.  This is a way to reuse many products that would normally just be thrown into a landfill.

If we think about the history of invention in the world we can only be reminded that many, many inventors were also artists. Think of the detailed drawings and prototypes  of Leonardo Da Vinci! Bernstien and Berntstein (n.d) bring up the point that education often places a huge emphasis on reading and mathematics.  However, science and engineering skills which require a broader range of skills which are very often taught through arts and crafts.  Teaching through crafting requires the student to rely on:


imaging and visualization,

dimensional thinking,


body or kinesthetic thinking,

familiarity with tools,

and manual dexterity.

All of these skills are just as important for children to succeed in school as traditional skills of reading and writing.

Root-Bernstein, M. & Root-Bernstien, R (n.d) The importance of early and persistent arts and crafts education for future scientists and engineers. Retrieved from: https://seadnetwork.wordpress.com/white-paper-abstracts/final-white-papers/the-importance-of-early-and-persistent-arts-and-crafts-education-for-future-scientists-and-engineers/


One thought on “Week 10 Reflection

  1. daysha2016 says:

    II agree with your thought that many inventors were also artists. We have an advantage in elementary school in that we teach all the subjects. This allows us to integrate and allow our students to learn in creative ways.


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