Week 11 Refelction

I am lucky to  live and work in a district with a robust technology plan and one that values the ability to provide students with an opportunity to interact with the outside world via technology. We have a huge infrastructure for technology and much of our budget is spent on this.  Is that a good thing? Does it sacrifice the training or even a real life teacher? Whose to say? I know that the village schools depend on the ability to access our campus via Blue Jeans and other VC methods. After taking this class I know that I am much more aware of what technologies are available to me and how these can have an impact on my classroom and teaching. Enhancing my teaching with education doesn’t have to change everything I do in teaching, I’m not going to transform my philosophy to be one that uses technology in every aspect.  But I will be aware of where I can interweave it in, especially to provide for those who need that type of learning approach.


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